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In this 'convergence' world, Multimedia truly reflects the new media, as it's an amalgamation of text, video, stills, graphics, music animation, sound effects and whatever your application objectives would demand. Corporate Presentations, Ad Films, Education Titles, among many others are the applications of Multimedia. Interact leverages its software and design capabilities to create stunning Multimedia applications. That will zap your target audience - be it a corporate company, an individual or a kid. Interact. What better name to create your highly 'interactive' applications.

Multimedia is one of the fast emerging area in the field of computers. Corporate all over the world today are using Multimedia Presentations as a medium of communication. Multimedia Presentations comprises of Sound, Pictures & Animations. Sound being a very strong and sensitive medium of communication accompanied by animations proves to be a wonder for all its viewers. Interactivity has created a new world of possibility. By repositioning content to create opportunity, Illusion Silicon Global Software System helps you leverage your existing strengths. Sgs2 draws upon two years of development and designing experience to provide expertise in the integration of traditional and interactive media.
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A brochure design will enable your company to increase its exposure by making your goods viewable to a virtually unlimited audience, interaction with potential clients can take place through e-mail and data collection forms.

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Every business is different and all our clients need best fit solutions. Even with all the software available on the Internet and off the shelf, in many cases our clients have requirements for which only a bespoke solution will suffice.

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